LAM Review Requirements & Conditions

In order for me to do a condominium review, certain requirements and conditions are to be met.

Firstly, I should not be compensated for the review.

If you are a developer or an agent and you want me to nice things about the real estate that you are promoting, then my reviews are not for you.

Secondly, do not blame me for a bad outcome.

Real estate requires a lot of patience. As much as I want to help you be on the positive side of ROI, every now and then, you could end up in a bad investment. Certain things are way beyond our control and I hope you understand that very carefully.

In fact, my goal isn’t to advise you about where to buy your next condominium. Instead, I just want to do a thorough review of a possibly great condominium so that you can do a further consideration of your own accord.

Lastly, let’s have a healthy discussion.

Every blogger’s ultimate aim probably is to impact one’s life in a better way. It is no different for me. I too want to leave a great impression on you. As well as, get an equally basic respect from you. If you don’t like a condo review that I had done, feel free to contact me or just a post a healthy comment on the blog post itself.

Your comments and a great discussion is the only way for me to improve myself.

With constant feedback, I am sure I will be able to deliver great unbiased condominium reviews for you!