About Lee Ah Mooi

There are millions of blogs in the world. I believe my blog should serve a unique purpose. If not, there is no rhyme and reason for another blog to exist.

I am Lee Ah Mooi. I am an ordinary Singaporean with a goal to educating fellow Singaporeans. At the end of the day, I hope each and every Singaporean who reads my blog leaves with a ton of knowledge on probably their biggest ever asset in their lives – their homes.

If you are Singaporean, you would know how expensive homes are. Not only the homes are expensive but the choice of homes we get are plenty. From condominiums to executive condominiums to landed property and then to HDB flat. Each residential apartment varying greatly in size as well as price.

Most Singaporeans like me start out at the bottom and that is an HDB Flat. And, then they move 1 step higher and settle for a condominium. However, this is where the trouble begins. Condominiums are priced on an average of $1 Million Singapore Dollars. Yes. You read it right. A 1000sqft apartment could cost you $1 Million!

Now, you can see how much of a capital drain a real estate in Singapore can be. However, as much as a capital drain it may seem like, it is also equally rewarding if you purchase the right unit at the right time. Yes. It isn’t just about location. It is also about timing.

Lee Ah Mooi’s Purpose

I got my first condominium during the SARs period. A time when the real estate was down by ALOT. When others were frantically selling, I looked for the best possible deal and probably entered at the right time.

My condo’s value had increased more than I could have hoped for. However, my friends who entered at the same time aren’t so lucky. Their condominium’s value has gone down by a lot.

So to conclude, buying a condominium requires you to enter at the right time at the right place (location).

And, this is exactly why I had started this blog. To ensure, everyone gets to invest in private condominiums which would give them returns like I had gotten.

I am here to do unbiased reviews of new condominiums throughout Singapore. Though I might not be able to cover all the condominiums, I will still definitely cover the condominiums which are up for a GREAT BUY in my own terms.

I hope to do a FULL review which would greatly benefit you and your future!