What Makes Kingsford Waterbay The Ultimate Destination For Those Looking For Affordable Housing

Kingsford Waterbay is a currently under construction contemporary condo that sits comfortably along the Park Connector and the Sungei Serangoon River. It’s the second largest Hong Hong-based project by Kingsford Development Pte Ltd in the republic of Singapore. The condo is built on a 27292.2 square meter site area and offers prestigious commercial and residential units.

Massive Development by Kingsford Development Pte Ltd

As per the developer’s ballpark figure, on completion, Kingsford Waterbay site plan will include 1157 spacious and deluxe residential units, 6 modern shops, mega swimming pool, 6 fashionable strata houses, and a fancy childcare centre. The units will be in sizes ranging from one bedroom to spacious 5 bedrooms. In overall, Kingsford Waterbay condo has several features and qualities that make it the ultimate destination for anyone looking for world-class housing.

Competitively Priced Condo in Upper Serangoon View

The first most wonderful element about the Kingsford Waterbay condo is affordability. On completion, this condo will be the most affordable world-class condo around Singapore. With prices ranging below 1 million dollars for the two and 3 bedrooms and less than 1.2 million for the 4 and 5 bedroom units you can be of owning a home without needing to drain your bank account. These housing units will be fully decorated and furnished hence you will not need to invest lots more to have them renovated as it may be the case when you buy units from some other condos.

Kingsford Waterbay Redefines Waterfront Living

This condo as well is surrounded by water. That’s its faces water bodies like the Sungei Serangoon River. And as you know, living near water is essential healthier and sharper brains. As well, the fact that the condo sits near water means, there is high chances the government of Singapore will come in to help renovate and improve it using their Active, Beautiful, and Clean Waters Programme.

Abundance of Amenities Surrounding Kingsford Waterbay

Another amazing thing about this condo is that it rests just beside essential amenities like schools and malls and infrastructure like roads. This is true since the building will be situated just alongside the Hougang MRT and Bus Interchange as well as the Hougang malls. It will as well be located near world-class schools such as the Serangoon Secondary School, Holy Innocents Primary, and Secondary as well as Monfort Secondary school. There will as well be a childcare centre inside the condo which means if you have kids whom you would want to entrust to a professional daycare centre, you won’t have to go far.

Kingsford Waterbay is Perfectly Structured & Affordably Priced

Kingsford Waterbay is one of the most stylish modern condos to be built in Singapore that will give residents the chance to get luxury and prestigious housing without needing to drain their bank account. The condo is perfect for everyone who is looking to invest in new housing units. It sits next to great amenities and connections like schools, roads, malls, and daycare centres. It offers lots of luxury housing and commercial units that meet and exceed all the set building codes and regulations in Singapore. For those looking to buy a shop or residential unit in this condo, it’s expected to be ready the late months of 2018. So you should start making plans to make early purchases so that you can select units that best meet your style and design preferences.

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